Dos Gatos

New Bar/club in Jacksonville, FL: Dos Gatos! across the street from the Florida theatre

It was great! I didn’t have one thing to say that I didn’t like. The owner J. has really done a great job of picking out an awesome staff with great decor.

I may have found my new favorite place! So go and check it out!!!


Daft Punk Helmet and Jacket

My Helmet and Jacket are NO longer for sale: Click Here

Daft Punk

After many months of working on this project I finally finished. It took forever and I got about 2.5 hours of full use out of it. I wore this as I checked ID’s at the bar I worked at.

As the drunken crowd of people continued to slap the helmet (out of excitement that they thought I was RoboCop) they screwed up some of the electronics, and due to the wonderful weather of Jacksonville that doesn’t like jackets….I had to take it off, but I’m proud that I actually finished it.

This was started with Pepakura, fiberglassed and then bondo. I used a chrome spray paint, but I suggest to try something else because it didn’t hold up at all.

Thomas Bangalter – Pepakura Files

Daft Punk Helmt Build - Pepakura

Daft Punk Helmt Build - Fiberglassed and Bondo - 1st Layer3 - Daft Punk Helmt Build - Fiberglassed and Bondo - 1st Layer4 - Daft Punk Helmt Build - Fiberglassed and Bondo - 2nd layer and primed5 - Daft Punk Helmt Build - Fiberglassed and Bondo - 2nd layer and primed6 - Daft Punk Helmt Build - Fiberglassed and Bondo - 2nd layer and primed7 - Daft Punk Helmt Build - Fiberglassed and Bondo - 2nd layer and primed8 - Daft Punk Helmt Build - First try at the chromeDaft Punk Helmt Build - Visor10  - Daft Punk Helmt Build - Getting Super Excited!11 - Daft Punk Helmt Build - Ears and WiringDaft Punk Helmt Build - Ears and Wiring - First TestJacket Lettering in ProgressDaft Punk Jacket - Backlit with EL WireDaft Gloves - Not perfect, but it worked for the evening on short noticeDaft Punk Helmt Build - LEDs and EL Wire17 - Daft Punk Helmt Build - Done and Done

When the audience knows more than the actor…

I think it’s called dramatic irony when the audience knows more than the actor. What if it’s not an act and it’s real life?

What jessie got me for our 1 year Anniversary!

In a previous post, TAL 2003, I explained that I have been listening to This American Life backwards for the past year. I’m just about to enter the year 2000. I only have till 1995 and will hopefully make it by the end of this year.

In the show I’m currently listening to they are debating about the Bush/Gore election and the recount in Florida. The show is pretty decent, but what I just realized is that 9/11 hasn’t happened yet. I want to yell at the people….I want to tell them future. It’s like watching a tragedy happen behind soundproof glass that you can’t stop.

But even if they could hear you….what would they do…and would it be spoiling the country.

You can tell a child an oven is hot and try to protect them, but the best protection is for them to get burned.


On a shallower note:

today is a Woot-Off

Oh man…

So, out of curiosity this morning I wondered what day of the week my birthday (March 1) would be falling on for 2010…it’s a stinkin Monday.

Then I thought “I wonder when my birthday is on a Friday again”. 2013…holy cow. I can’t believe we are so close to 2013.

So then I thought. How old will I be for my next Friday birthday….30….Really? 30…oh geeez. I can’t believe 30.

Maybe the 2012 end of the world theory will happen and I will end with a 29th birthday…on a Thursday

Nothing Can Be More Frustrating

Picky people frustrate me, but picky people that give little direction are even more frustrating.

What do you do when you are told, “Go do some marketing” with no direction, past history,  budget, and the person is extremely picky (but can’t say why they don’t like something).

Any ideas?

Two Shows I Really Want To See….Join me?

I’ve always wanted to see a show at Cafe Eleven in St. Augustine. It just seems like a great venue with a cool group of people who support them.

I missed two shows last year that I’m really kicking myself for, Vampire Weekend and Against Me! Now is the time to redeem myself. I plan on seeing Junior Boys in October and Elvis Perkins in November.

I have found that October-November are the months to catch good shows in North Florida. Last year I got a chance to see The Faint w/ The Show’s the Rainbow and then followed it up the next day with some Portugal. The Man.

Junior Boys 10/27 $12


Elvis Perkins in Deerland 11/6 $10 –


Karen Kurycki, Dog & Pony ShowPrints Collaborations - Elvis Perkins in Deerland
Karen Kurycki of, Dog & Pony ShowPrints Collaboration - Elvis Perkins in Deerland

There is another show I would love to go see, but I’m not sure I can make it out. I had never heard of them until I saw this YouTube video on the Cafe Eleven website, BLK JKS. I could listen to this all day and I can’t figure out what it reminds me of, but I love it.



A new restaurant in town, Taverna, is in the middle of their soft opening and the little lady and I ventured out to try it.

I’m not a food critic…so bare with me on my lack of knowledge on classy food.

Overall: The atmosphere and staff are all great. The bar looks pretty cool too, like it could actually be a happenin spot for cocktails after work…like Bonefish at the beach.

Food:  The portions are nice. Not too big, but not small enough to say “Hey! What the hell is this?”

  • We had shrimp for an appetizer which are actually prawns. Meaning it comes out with the head and all the other stuff. We didn’t like them…they were just scary and too fishy tasting.
  • We have heard the pizza is quite delicious and made in the wood burning stove that is visible for all to see. Since this was like a date night for Jess and I we did it up a little more.
    • I had the NY Strip which was very good and a much larger portion than I expected. It came out at the right temp and had a light sauce that was good.
    • Jess had the paella. She LOVES paella, but she is Colombian and this just wasn’t the same. It doesn’t have the crispy sides and the texture and spices were off. This dish was also served with prawns which didn’t help the situation.  But to be fair….Jess didn’t like the paella at the Columbia Restaurant in St. Aug. either, and they’re cuban!
      • She has said the best paella she has ever had was at the World of Nations that’s held every year around the beginning of May.
    • In the end I think we would of been happier with the pizza.
  • MMMM Desert: The desert was great. Chocolate Pave (with an accent on one of the letters somewhere). It was very rich, but was very good. It was enough for both of us to share without feeling like we didn’t get enough (click here for a kind of example of what it is)

All and all it was good time. I hope the restaurant does really well. They have a few kinks to work out, but that’s what soft openings are for.

A letter to Mr. Swayze

Dear Mr. Swayze,

You will be missed. This may seem like a sarcastic letter, but I assure you it is not. It’s something that I wish I could of handwritten and mailed you, but I waited to long. So, this is the best option I have.

I have loved your movies and the characters you have played since I was kid. One of my only and last memories of my Grandmother was sitting in her lap when i was about 6 years old and watching Dirty Dancing on HBO. She died of lung cancer at about the same age you did. I never really got a chance to know her as much as I would of liked, but I keep those great memories. I think this is one of the reasons I looked up to Johnny. He was a rebel, but he had his morals…and his lady….and that was all he needed. I’ve been known to sing “Had the time of my life” in the shower, but more importantly this was played as the final song at my wedding a few years ago that everyone danced to. It’s my favorite and always will be.


I sang “I’m Henry the 8th I am” countless times to try and get my way….I credit that move to you Sam Wheat (Ghost)

While playing the movie game with friends I reference Bohdi from Point Break in almost every round of play.

Donnie Darko…wow! what a movie. Jim Cunningham creeped me out, but that was the point.

But….the best of all your films by far, Roadhouse. Sure it was a little cheesy, but there isn’t a weekend that goes by that I flip through the channels hoping to stumble across this. There were many a Saturday that I watched Roadhouse in the afternoon and then went to go work as the “bouncer/door guy” at the club I work at.

My favorite characters of yours stood for all the same things (except Donnie Darko). Honor, self worth, strength, staying positive, standing up for what is right and the ability to kick your leg really high. I can’t kick my leg high, but I don’t really try to. I do however try and stay true to all the other lessons learned taught by you over the years.

Once again Mr. Swayze. You’ll be missed very much.

Patrick Swayze and Anthony Catanese


Anthony Catanese