Speed of Collaboration in the Days of Email vs Teams/Slack

Email feels so old and slow, especially when compared to the teal-time multiplayer world of Teams and Slack.

It makes sense for transactional emails but conversations and project managing it sucks. But you can’t just add a client or external contact to your chat app.


What if an initial email is sent and it operates as expected. You send something along the lines:

Hi Becky,
It’s great to meet you. I would love to work with you to get ______ completed by such and such a date. Please find attached a file that is required for this project.
Let me know if you have any question.

Made up by me

This is where it gets fun

Once the recipient replies or accepts the messages, the thread then morphs into more of a live style conversation. No more signatures repeated over and over or from: to: cc: fields creating noise to pour through or weird formatting problems. It’s becomes a chat with multiple players.

  • Participants From: and To:
  • Observers CC:

Attachments, links, and relative information could be pulled and listed to a special tab/space and possibly even anchored at the part of the conversation that was relevant

May you could see if someone was on Live for a short period of time.

It could be wild but it would maybe help or maybe things a lot shittier. But at least we’re trying.

Tune-Yards – Bizness

32 Doublings

If you live a long full life and we consider 1 second the base time interval of that life. You’ll double your life 32 times. The amazing part is 26 of those happen by the time you’re 1yr old.

Why do I care – is it significant?

No idea. However, my theory is that perceived time speeds up because of the lack of learning new things + the way that time doubles. For instance, the first time you drive somewhere can feel like forever but the 2nd time feels much faster. There are new sites, sounds, and traffic patterns. Can you extend your perceived life by learning new things? If you’re a radio listener then you need to seek new stations.

Maybe doublings are the wrong frame for this. Half-life may be an interesting approach https://mathinsight.org/doubling_time_half_life_discrete

To be continued…after I continue to pontificate and wonder if this matters at all.

Music that I can re-listen to over and over again: DeVotchka – All the Sand in All the Sea

But what does AI think about this concept?

Act as a writer for https://www.ant.cat. Write a blog post about how one perception of time is impacted by the rate at which their time alive is doubles.

Response from ChatGPT:
Time is a fascinating concept that has perplexed scientists, philosophers, and individuals alike for centuries. It is a fleeting and elusive concept that is ever-changing, with different perceptions and interpretations across cultures and individuals. One such perception of time is the impact of the rate at which our time alive is doubled, and how it affects our perception of time.

The concept of time dilation is one that has been extensively studied in physics and cosmology. According to this theory, time passes differently for objects moving at different speeds or in different gravitational fields. However, time dilation also has a significant impact on our perception of time, particularly in relation to the rate at which our time alive is doubled.

The idea of time doubling can be understood as the period it takes for an individual’s age to double. For instance, a person who is 20 years old would experience a doubling of time when they reach the age of 40, and so on. Studies have shown that our perception of time is heavily influenced by the rate at which our time alive is doubled.

When we are younger, time seems to pass much more slowly. This is because the rate at which our time alive is doubled is much slower in our younger years. As we grow older, this rate increases, and time appears to pass much more quickly. This is why many people often comment on how time seems to fly by as they grow older.

Furthermore, the rate at which time doubles also affects our perception of the future. For instance, if the rate at which our time alive is doubled is slow, we tend to think more about the future and plan for it accordingly. On the other hand, if the rate at which our time alive is doubled is fast, we tend to focus more on the present moment and live in the here and now.

In conclusion, our perception of time is a complex and multi-faceted concept that is heavily influenced by various factors, including the rate at which our time alive is doubled. Understanding this concept can help us make better sense of our perception of time and how it affects our lives. Whether time flies by or crawls along, we can use this knowledge to live in the moment and plan for the future accordingly.

Letters to Lu: Accepted and Letting Go

Good morning Lu,

It may not seem like a big deal. But, this morning we got an email that you moved from the waitlist to the “if you want it’s yours list” for early pre-school. My heart reached out and wanted to give you a hug to pull you in close. You’ve been home every day since you were born…just being our fun, smart, wild child.

Today it just got real for me that you are and will grow up. Made me sad and excited all at once.

This also kicked me in the ass to remember that today is the most important. I can’t wait to get out of work to go on a walk and dance in the living room.

Your dad

Music I hope we dance to later: Khruangbin – So We Won’t Forget

The Scheckles

There are people in life that fall in line, follow paths, and operate in the medium that stays between the lines.

Then there are people who know how to move through the world where it conforms to them. My good friend is the latter. When we rode bikes down 1st St to smoke cigars in Atlantic Beach, and he brought his speaker on the porch of the place we were hanging at… I said, “Whoa, you brought your own speaker?”

He shared some advice from his mentor that I’m going to screw up here but it was essentially: if you can bring your own vibe to something, not be too rude, and have fun…why wouldn’t you do it?

This guy has given me so much more energy and food for thought in the last year. From our maddening camping trip with our other buddy, to him sharing that the good stuff with your kids is in the bike rides and the time singing/reading to them for bedtime. To him sharing that you should squeeze the joy out of life. During Lucile’s 2nd bday at a trampoline park, he brought his own socks to jump in…and a huge smile. It’s inspiring.

When he started trying to find his new career he went about it by being a “Go-Giver” and I forgot what that was like. There are times that I feel like Robin Williams in ‘Hook’ – and feel like my friend has glimmers of Pockets.

Thank you.

Letters to Lu: Today You Played

To our sweet, amazing, universe of a person;

Today you played. You’ve been playing since we met you. Your legs would kick, always looking for a ball to toss, test boundaries, climb, swing, jump, run, peekaboo, and interact with the world around you by mimicking what you saw. But today, you played.

It started with these two felt finger puppets you had since your 1yr birthday (nearly a year ago). A blue elephant and a brown monkey with a long tail. Today, you asked for them, we put them on your fingers, and you made them start talking. It was amazing. You started creating your own world.

Then it happened again an hour later. During bath time you stopped doing your typical: fill a cup with water and dump it on your face to see how much you could drink. Instead, you started arranging your Moana characters in specific patterns. You would put them in a row and stand back to see how they looked. Then, you would rearrange and often would pick two of the dolls up and get them to interact with each other. Full conversations between the characters were started

It was a big day for us as your parents to see you take another step on this journey. We hope you are always Lucile (Lu, Lucy, Lulu, Lu-squeal), and we hope you always keep the space to play in your life.

Mom and Dad

Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler