And it was fun fun fun…


Many of the posts that I write are actually for myself. It helps remind me about the things I enjoy and I’ve done that spark in my life. This is one of those posts, but you’re welcome to read.

I’ve worked in quite a few positions ranging from a projectionist at a large movie theater to running an office for an accounting firm. I loved every job and each one had it’s perks and some had their crappy parts, like cleaning out the fryer, but that didn’t matter. It was the people that were awesome. The best part is that each job got better and better. When I was 16 and had access to free movies and posters I never thought anything could be better, yet yesterday topped that.

It was an awesome day. It was one of the most collaborative days between the group and it was a blast. Most of the other teammates participate in these sessions all the time, but it was one of the first for me.

My job is to make the team collaborate, but it’s always fun when the facilitator gets to participate and throw out the ideas, build the story, and be part of the team. It was a good day…good enough to write about. I can’t wait to see the finished product.