Paft Dunk

Random Access Memories will be release next Tuesday, but you can listen to the full album on iTunes through the preview button:

Search on iTunes DAFT PUNK, then click on Album Random Access Memories and then if u want to listen the full album for free just click on text(link) ”Daft punk” in left top corner then you will get in Daft punk albums preview -> click on album Random Access Memories and there will be in left part somewhere in middle picture of the new album and in this picture there is a button PLAY NOW and you can listen for free full 1h14m34s of this new album… PS sorry for my terrible english

The music for today is up there…in that quote. See it. It’s right there. Do it! It’s one of the only hours of your life you won’t want back. I’m listening to it right now and I’m on track 3: Giorgio by Moroder…so far so great (well I’m a bit biased)

But I’ll share this to get you excited:


My White Whale

It’s my white whale. It’s been 14 years in the making. My last chance was 2007 and I’ve been on the hunt for something that I was just a shy too late to experience. It was just out my reach. I just didn’t have enough jingle in my pocket to mingle. No more…I’m ready, prepared, and waiting. Now, let’s take a journey.

A journey back to 1999; when life of computing was on the verge of destruction as it approached Y2K; when Prince was played for weeks straight on the local 97.9 radio station; when a junior in high-school cruised in his ballin’ white 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with burgundy interior, with 2 of the biggest subwoofers $1oo could buy in the trunk. I’m that junior. I’m that balla and I’ve never stopped boomin’…not in my head at least.

Every morning I would pick up a neighborhood freshman on my way to school, pop-in my favorite CD, and on track 2 my favorite song would play. It would sometimes get obnoxious, but I would always come back to it. It asked to be played. During the next months my curiosity and love of this band I knew nothing about grew as I stumbled upon MTV playing an amazing video about a dog and a boombox that rocked my socks off. I just couldn’t get enough. Until my college years started and my musical taste made a pivot. I followed the trend of being untrendy.

In 2007 I returned to my roots with one of favorite jobs of all time, a door guy at a club where my sister was a dj. It was an extremely hard moment in my life emotionally, and some of the most awesome times. My sister and I were not very close and working with the same friends brought us together. It’s one of the best moves I’ve made and I thank Ryan and Jason for taking a chance on a prep kid running the door at their indie club. Sometimes you discover how much harder, better, faster, stronger you are when you’re covered in sweat and dancing your tail off until early in the morning. Especially when your sister drops the music. I wish those times were still around, but I’ll save this for a deeper post. While working one night I heard a slight mention of something that I remembered from my past. I think Vegas was in the conversation and  an awesome show was going on out there. Yeah, that band that boomed in the Cutlass was going to be there, but they’ll make their rounds to other cities. Right? Right?

I missed it. I’ve had to relive it through YouTube. I saw what it was like to be there and watch the music live. That’s not enough. I wanted to be alive too.

I made it a point that a live experience was now a bucket list item. My obsession grew more and more to the point of infesting much of my 2009. It’s attached itself into a weekly habit of constantly keeping a watch out for tours, new albums, or even small appearances in movies. No matter how small their part, they make everything better. I’ve put a watch on I’ve been saving for a trip. I’m waiting and I’m ready…just give me a hint of a sign.

SXSW ’13 started today. My wife and I were trying everything we could to go, but it would of taken nearly 1/3 of our savings to make it happen and it’s so BIG! There is so much that you feel like you’ll almost miss everything. We decided that it’s not for us this year, but maybe another year. No problem then. Today is just a basic Saturday. Let me just make my weekly search.

Wait…wait…I need to adjust the “Search Tools” to search only the latest in the last month. Ok, it’s working now. Oh hmmm that’s cool.

Wait! What? What’s that? There it is! There it is!!!!!! Samantha! There it is! The words I’ve been waiting for! And they’ve been waiting for me for nearly 4 days and I didn’t know it. The talk of something new. Not based on a movie. Not based on an assumption. But crap your pants proof that something is coming. It’s an article about posters going up all over SXSW. Maybe not exactly “crap your pants”, but pretty damn close. It’s proof! Something is happening! Why am I not at SXSW!!!?

Daft Punk 2013

Then I find out about an SNL ad that ran during last weeks episode… I’ve just crapped my pants. Where have I been these last weeks!? Why do my parents who watch SNL every week subconsciously know about this and I don’t. They probably didn’t even see the ad. They probably were looking down at their dogs who just pee everywhere. Don’t waste your ad there. Waste it on me!

I’m so excited. While writing this I put on a YouTube playlist and just let it run. Oh man my hopes are so high, and hate having high hopes. You don’t want to set your heroes up to fail. Nobody wins. This is why I refuse to watch movie trailers. Nothing ruined, no expectations. They’ve blown my expectations out of the water every time. They’re so beloved by so many groups including the groups that hate “main stream” and these guys ran an ad on SNL. They’re last  shows have been seen as some of the best in the world and I just want to be apart of it.

Now I just hope they do it….one more time.



About 4 years ago I started reading for fun. This is something completely out of the ordinary for me. I HATED reading as a kid and rarely ever made it through a full book. It was so boring and I always felt like I was going to fall asleep after just a few paragraphs.

I had to force myself, but I find myself enjoying a good read nowadays. The book that got me started on all this was “When You’re Engulfed in Flames” by David Sedaris.

I’m not sure what’s changed my thoughts on reading or why I don’t fall asleep on the third page anymore, but I’m proud to say that today I finished Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five“. It was good and for most people they consider it a short read. But to be honest it wasn’t short for me at all. I’m not the fastest reader out there…at least not when you have to comprehend/remember it. If that’s not the case then I’ve got it down to a book every 30 minutes. Just don’t ask me any questions about it. My favorite line was easily, “if the accident will.” I read it about 15 times and just kept looking at it. Out of context it really makes no sense, but the line before was something like, “maybe we’ll meet again.” I understood what the line was supposed to be, but I didn’t get it. Not one bit. If the accident will what? Why did he say it that way? And then it tagged me. The word “Accident” is treated as an entity. Almost like mother nature. He’s saying if the “will” of the entity “Accident” allows it. It’s just so clever. I don’t how he was able to come up with the things he wrote, but he did a great job at it.

I’ve read three of Vonnegut’s books these past couple year including “Cat’s Cradle” and “Sirens of Titan” which were both awesome. They truly make you look at how the world is and makes you shake your head. Besides the great writing I love how his books are setup. They are broken up not only into paragraphs, but into further smaller sections that make you want to read for a just a few more minutes, ok ok….maybe a just few more minutes and then boom a chapter is done. Any other book and I would be defeated by the length and move on.

I’ve created a goal for myself, using the Everest App, to read a book a month. I also need to set it up to remind me to write this blog daily. Once a month seems slow, but hopefully I’ll get faster. January I read “Start With Why” which had lots of great ideas and thoughts of how to go about communicating, but to be honest you get everything you needed out of his TED Talk ( I wasn’t a big fan of his speaking style, but his message is great.

So what’s on the shelf next? I just picked up Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” to see how it goes. This typically wouldn’t be a book for me, but it was a present so why not. As for now, I’m proud to have killed another book. So it goes.

Oh Savannah

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a real vacation and explored a new city. Besides my short 1.5 days to the Smokys this past April it has almost been a year since my trip to the wonderful Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.

This years trip was a little bit closer to home and little bit more chill, but still a whole lot of fun. In my 27 years of living in North Florida I’ve never made my way to Savannah, GA. I’m not really sure why it took me so long to visit. I love St. Augustine and the travelling distance to Orlando isn’t that far and Savannah is a pleasant combination of both. Now that this door has been flung open little trip are now probably going to happen quite often.

I enlisted the help of the beautiful Samantha (Sam) to help show me around and explore this little city. She has been here a couple times…so I used that as an excuse to rope her into joining me and showing me around:)

Day 1 – Friday:

  • Traveled to Savannah and checked into the Residence Inn in Downtown. It was nice, friendly, clean and well priced. The room had a full kitchen, lots of space and a rocking chair on the balcony….woo! Rocking Chair! Cabs were super cheap to get to River St. (in the range of $4 and easy to get).
  • Due to my extreme craving for Krystals, we split a Sack Full! I would like to think we split these evenly, but I dominated that bag and pretty much ate all fo them (i know…I know) , we were both weren’t that hungry for dinner till much later. We went out at about 11 and hit up the very nice Bohemian Hotel on the riverfront and went to their rooftop bar called Rocks on the River. Great Decor, decent service, but we were looking for something a little bit more quaint…and near food. The bartender we hit Sweet Melissa’s
  • Sweet Melissa’s =mmmmmmm’s: The bartender at the Bohemian said this was hangover food and not that good without a lot of drinks…HA…whatevs man. I would totes go this place daily. I couldn’t think of why it was so good, but Sam nailed it, “when your cheese is thicker than the main crust, but the end crust is still substantial that makes for a tornado of feelings….”
  • We then made our way across the street at a place called Circa 1875. Loved the layout, design and decor of this little gem. They have certain parts of the bar (the actual bar top) sectioned off with little walls making nooks and space for varying party sizes. It makes talking with somebody quietly while still ordering drinks extremely easily. My only problem with this place was the lack of knowledge of traditional drinks. I guess working at Dos Gatos here in Jax has really spoiled me for amazing drinks. I asked for a Sidecar which is pretty traditional and up there with the Manhattan and they didn’t really know how to make it. A bartender by the name of Catfish came through and even though didn’t make the drink they got close enough.
  • We left Circa 1875 and walked back across the street to the other side of Sweet Melissa’s to hook me up with a burger and fries. The best part was I could cruise the streets with a drink…and then get it “refreshed” at the next place….except that last refresher put me over the top. After the burger, fries and finished drink…i was asleep :0

Day 2 – Saturday:

  • We checked out of the Residence Inn and made our way to the second hotel “The Mansion on Forsyth Park”. It’s quite the little eclectic experience and has art everywhere and neat modern designs inside this traditional building making for a cool experience. Check out some pics! There are some great restaurants in the area of this hotel and the hotel offers a free Chauffer service. They will pick you up and drop you off pretty much where ever you want within historic Savannah. It was great. It also across the street from a very nice park where you can watch people play Ulitmate Frisbee all day.
  • We walked down to a cool Urban Gourmet Grocery Store called Parkers Market. We need one of these in Downtown Jacksonville….hardcore! It’s a gas station (3 one sided pumps), convenience store, and fantastic deli. It sounds weird, but it’s the coolest store that I’ve ever been in. We had an assortment of wonderful salads, a curry chicken salad wrap, homemade cookies, a 320z Stella Artois (Yeah…That’s right!…a 32!), and a Pomegranate Leachy Fruit Iced Tea thing. All of it delicious. We then continued to walk and just explore the city. It was warm out, but it was fun.
  • After asking around a bit we took the recommendation from our bell hop at the The Mansion and went to an awesome New York Style Italian restaurant called Leoci’s. They hand make their pasta to order! It was very nice (a little tiny/cramped), but the food was fantastic. You have to go….bring an appetite!

Day 3 – Sunday:

  • It was a little bit of a late start, but we checked out of The Mansion and went hunting for brunch. We ended up at J. Christophers (recommendation of the front desk guy at the hotel). So glad we did. I had the billy goat omelet…it had everything and goat cheese….what’s not to love. Sam had one their skillets with a sunny side up egg on top….which kicked booty as well. We then split the Blueberry Crunchy Pancakes (blueberries + granola + Pancakes = a little place not of this Earth)
  • We made our way to Tybee Island to enjoy the beach for a bit and hit this little random shop called Fish Art to try and find some cool antiques (We both LOVE antiques 😉 ), but no go. We also had a little mexican at this place called MexiCali. It was ok…we didn’t die.
  • We then made our way back to the J-ville with little traffic, a little rain, but big smiles.

It was a great weekend and can’t wait to revisit. Hopefully it will be less than a year before I get to do a trip like this again…and little miss Sam is around to join me.

15 Years Crammed Into 1

This American LifeWell I did it. It took me 1 year and 4 months, but I have listened to all 402 hour long episodes of This American Life.

What started this OCD mess? 20 Acts in 60 Minutes did in December of 2008. I accidentally caught this show while driving on a Saturday afternoon and then I started listening most weekends on 89.9 WJCT. Then I found them online and it was on!

I listened to every episode in reverse order. I think that was the coolest part of it all. I could listen to stories regarding the election of a new president (15 years covered Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama) and then I could listen to the stories following up to it. The most interesting pieces I believe took place right around 9/11.  Starting in December of  ’01 and working backwards into August it was like walking through a fog and then all of a sudden daylight when the event hadn’t happened yet. I tried to explain this in a previous post.

Great episodes to start with:

Ira Glass does a great job hosting the show, but I find that I prefer Alex Blumberg as a producer even though they sound exactly alike. Don’t ask me why…it’s just how it is.

Scott Carrier is the one producer I really loved listening to. He has a mono-tone, but it doesn’t matter…his stories hook you. The first one I list below is a story about him and his brother testing a theory about how Native Americans ran down their prey instead of using advance weaponry. The second one is a compilation TAL put together.

Favorites of  Scott Carrier:

My other favorite producers are: Sarah Vowell, Nancy Updike,  Starlee Kine (best episode she has is 339: Break Up…she talks with Phil Collins about writing her own break-up song), and of course the stories of David Sedaris.

The TV Show: This American Life also has a TV show that is available to watch on Netflix. There is currently only 2 seasons, but they do a great job of making their radio shows come to life on the television.

The two very best ones are Season 1 Episode 1: Reality Check, and Season 2 Episode 6: John Smith.

I hope anybody that reads this actually takes the time to listen to an episode or two. Get lost in it…and really listen.

Dos Gatos

New Bar/club in Jacksonville, FL: Dos Gatos! across the street from the Florida theatre

It was great! I didn’t have one thing to say that I didn’t like. The owner J. has really done a great job of picking out an awesome staff with great decor.

I may have found my new favorite place! So go and check it out!!!


Two Shows I Really Want To See….Join me?

I’ve always wanted to see a show at Cafe Eleven in St. Augustine. It just seems like a great venue with a cool group of people who support them.

I missed two shows last year that I’m really kicking myself for, Vampire Weekend and Against Me! Now is the time to redeem myself. I plan on seeing Junior Boys in October and Elvis Perkins in November.

I have found that October-November are the months to catch good shows in North Florida. Last year I got a chance to see The Faint w/ The Show’s the Rainbow and then followed it up the next day with some Portugal. The Man.

Junior Boys 10/27 $12


Elvis Perkins in Deerland 11/6 $10 –


Karen Kurycki, Dog & Pony ShowPrints Collaborations - Elvis Perkins in Deerland
Karen Kurycki of, Dog & Pony ShowPrints Collaboration - Elvis Perkins in Deerland

There is another show I would love to go see, but I’m not sure I can make it out. I had never heard of them until I saw this YouTube video on the Cafe Eleven website, BLK JKS. I could listen to this all day and I can’t figure out what it reminds me of, but I love it.



A new restaurant in town, Taverna, is in the middle of their soft opening and the little lady and I ventured out to try it.

I’m not a food critic…so bare with me on my lack of knowledge on classy food.

Overall: The atmosphere and staff are all great. The bar looks pretty cool too, like it could actually be a happenin spot for cocktails after work…like Bonefish at the beach.

Food:  The portions are nice. Not too big, but not small enough to say “Hey! What the hell is this?”

  • We had shrimp for an appetizer which are actually prawns. Meaning it comes out with the head and all the other stuff. We didn’t like them…they were just scary and too fishy tasting.
  • We have heard the pizza is quite delicious and made in the wood burning stove that is visible for all to see. Since this was like a date night for Jess and I we did it up a little more.
    • I had the NY Strip which was very good and a much larger portion than I expected. It came out at the right temp and had a light sauce that was good.
    • Jess had the paella. She LOVES paella, but she is Colombian and this just wasn’t the same. It doesn’t have the crispy sides and the texture and spices were off. This dish was also served with prawns which didn’t help the situation.  But to be fair….Jess didn’t like the paella at the Columbia Restaurant in St. Aug. either, and they’re cuban!
      • She has said the best paella she has ever had was at the World of Nations that’s held every year around the beginning of May.
    • In the end I think we would of been happier with the pizza.
  • MMMM Desert: The desert was great. Chocolate Pave (with an accent on one of the letters somewhere). It was very rich, but was very good. It was enough for both of us to share without feeling like we didn’t get enough (click here for a kind of example of what it is)

All and all it was good time. I hope the restaurant does really well. They have a few kinks to work out, but that’s what soft openings are for.

A little Anticlimatic: Forgotten Warrior

It’s been 3 years and I finally beat it!

Forgotten Warrior on my Samsung T509 has been taunting me since I was 23….well HA. I win sir.


This game is the biggest pain in the ass. It’s just flat out hard, but for a cell phone game it’s awesome. I have to thank my night job at the club for allowing me the time to play with my cellphone during the early hours of the night.

Forgotten Warrior
Forgotten Warrior

It was a disappointing ending though. You don’t even get to fight the last guy…you climb a ladder and then…boom! you watch the computer take your guy…beat the crap of some other big guy (who doesn’t even move).

You then jump to a little cliff and stand next to the princess you’re saving.  Randomly some old man strolls from the corner of the screen and then it goes black…..the end.

It sort of reminded me of DOOM for my Sega Genesis 32x I had when I was kid. I played the hell out of it, but in the 32x version there is no ending…no final boss. You walk over to a door on the 15th level and bam….the credits roll. The computer version was much better.

Oh man I miss my Genesis/32x/Sega CD combo, but man was it ridiculously huge!


It has Gone from Love to Hate

Weeds: Season 5…..Oh how I hate thee….let me count the ways…

What happened Weeds? We were getting along so well. In the beginning, Season 1, you were so shy and misunderstood. You had a wonderful little story going about a mother who truly loved her husband and cared for her children (but she sold drugs…so she was still a crappy mother). The topsy turvy world of criminals can get out of hand, but things happen.

Season 2 then started. Right were we left off. Like a best friend who left for college and then came back. It was as if the conversation had never stopped.  Everything went very well, and what an ending I might add. Season 2 you are one of the few (rhymes!).

WEEDS (season 4)

Season 3. I was so excited with glee. I had no idea what was in store. How could you top the beloved Season 2! Well in the end my question was answered. You didn’t. It was still fun and lots of the adventures were really quite crazy, but why Nancy…why have you become so… slutty.

Season 4. Curious…I watched because I was curious to see what crap you would get yourself into (period)

Season 5. I was in New York back in May and I saw buses sporting the green spiderweb advertisement with its great catch phrase “Oh what a tangled web we weave”.  I got excited. I was actually really excited. So, I intently watched…and waited…and waited for the show that was once loved to return…., but no more

now I watch TrueBlood…which is following down the same weed ridden path. Who could of thought that a story about Vampires who drink manufactured blood could get too far fetched.

trueblood cmcl

MadMen…please keep true!

(but damn you Don Draper and all your womanizing…your the man…you know, but you still suck!)