Country Road…Take Me Home…To The Place…

The thought….

Something I’ve always wanted to do is travel. I never really did it as a kid.

Age: Places I’ve been-

  • 0-17: Orlando, FL; Lake Gaston, VA
  • 17-24: Nassau, Bahamas; Las Vegas, NV
  • 25-26: Sandusky and Columbus, OH; Bogota, Colombia; New York, NY

My first plane ride I was 20 on my way to Vegas, but other than that I really haven’t been very far or seen very much. I’ve never even been to Miami.

Well I’m planning on making up some time. I’m thinking about doing a cross country trip on my motorcycle. I thought of this trip about 2 years ago when I bought my bike, but I was in school. Then I got a job that I couldn’t leave for more than a couple days at a time. Now I have a job that isn’t going so well (long story, but in short my boss won’t train me and I’m learning absolutely nothing working only 30 hours a week). I’m hoping that around May I can line up a new job for the late summer (I’m thinking about teaching, but that is something I need to put more thought and research into during these next few weeks.) After doing some research online it’s sort of common for people to do this, but one blog was of paticular interest to me from a 21 year old who did it in 2006.

If you need anymore inspiration for a trip this video will help. It’s a car trip that went to all 48 states, but they made a wonderful 3.5 min video:


The process…

Click here to see a very rough map of what I’ll be doing. Actually the map was just used for distance calculations and I would rather use back roads for the trip.

These are my calcs so far:

Distance/Gas: 8,300 miles, 75 gas stops @ $3 per gallon = $800+/- in gas.
Time: at 55mph for 5 hours a day it will take 31 days.

I plan on camping 70% of the time and finding a hotel or stay at a friends the other time.

I’m not sure if this trip will actually come true, but I sure hope so. I would like to try and do this in late May or early June.

There is only a few times in your life that you can take a trip like this. I’m not married, I don’t have any kids, no house, and may not have a job. So what better time than the near present. Also, being that 2012 may be the end of the world….I gotta get it in while I can.

Below: My bike, but I don’t have the front fairing and this is a 1200. I have the 600. I have to buy a windscreen.