Daft Punk Thomas Helmet for Sale – Update: It is Sold

UPDATE: The whole outfit has been sold.

I’m thinking about selling my Daft Punk helmet. If you haven’t seen it click here.

As a note, this project is not complete anymore: I have resanded down the helmet and I’ve started going through and fixing all the little divets and holes that I didn’t have a chance to before halloween last year. The visor had to be removed because it cracked, but a new one can be put in. I’m not going to lie…it’s pretty much a shell now that will need a thin layer of bondo, sanding, and paint. The speakers are intact along with the leds, but they need to have the leads run back to a power source and audio source which would be provided.

I love the jacket, but if I get somebody who just really wants to do this outfit then I could sell them as a combo.

If anybody is interested just let me know by commenting on this post. If I don’t sell it by mid-august then I’m going to rework the whole outfit and just keep it for myself.