Damn Stoked

Dawn meditation in Jacksonville Beach

Kicking off the year with a new domain!!! Welcome to Ant.Cat 

So damn stoked for 2018! For our family, 2017 was all about new beginnings…

Despite all the sad news that 2017 brought into the world, the Catanese household had a super cool year.

  • We moved from Florida to Colorado
  • My wife graduated top 1% of her class and has the job of her dreams #SoProud!
  • I started a new gig at Cognizant Accelerator (f.k.a. QuickLeft) in Boulder
  • We both started working with the VR art collective DenVR
  • Spoke at conferences
  • Successfully transitioned the entrepreneur group #StartupJax to new leadership
  • Explored proper Europe for the first time in Portugal

We’re now ready to dig in….and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. Of course, we’re always willing to be wiggly if the world needs us to be.

Huge thank you to our families, Ben, Morgan, Lauren, Amy, Erin, Jordyn, Shawn, the Jacksons, Philip/Alexandra, Stu, Selina, Bob/Celeste, and all the amazing people in our lives that pushed us forward. Love you all!

Keeping up with the tradition of adding a music video to each post. This time though, we had a hand in creating it  😀