Growth and Leadership: Areas to Keep in Mind

Over the last two days, I put myself in a training (SkillPath “Management & Leadership Skills for First-Time Supervisors & Managers”) to help me better at helping others. About 7 weeks ago I was provided a great opportunity to move into a group product manager role and work with 3 current product managers and hire an additional product manager.

Group product manager has some nuances that make it vary a bit from what I’m used to. 1.) is that I’m still a direct contributor and 2.) I now have direct reports. This made me real nervous. How was I going to get my work done and provide the team with everything they need. We’re only 7 weeks in so we’ll see but I still need to do everything I can to grow in my leadership and not wing it. But truly couldn’t be more excited to work directly with seasoned product managers who know how to get their work done. We’ll learn a lot from each other.

Here are my take-aways from the day. Link to PDF

  • Learn to be direct but respectful = assertive
    • How to say No respectively: Understanding, Situation, Action
  • Focus on Logos (logic) , Ethos (ethics) , Pathos (emotion) ….but really get better at Pathos and being a true listener (body, mind and ears)
  • Don’t be fiddle-faddle with your meaning or words, a real struggle: let your yes be yes and your no be no
    • I thought this was cool quote “Catch somebody doing something right”
  • Be great at feedback: LB-NT (Like Best, Next Time) and maybe add reinforcement and help them prep when the “next time” is coming up
    • ‘But’ and ‘However’ marginalize all your previous comments
  • Be amazing at meetings: setting the stage, coming away with actions, and not wasting everyone’s time
  • If sending someone to training ask them to think about:
    • What am I learning?
    • So what?
    • Now what?
  • Asking is always better than telling
  • “You are paid for your team’s success”