In the Shadow of Hanks

I have approximately 4 drafts started for blogs that I was going to finish up for today, but a quick glimpse at an article on MSN got me to thinking about something else.

There are many factors in the world that make life hard. You have sickness and death everywhere, the chances of making a poor decision are pretty high, and just the feeling of not knowing who you are and what you want to do can be tough. These are all problems that most people face, but I was thinking that the person that had to face that third item the most are the sons of the most beloved actor of our time, Tom Hanks. What do you do to carve a name for yourself? How do you not go for acting/directing/producing even though the path is pretty clearly laid out for you (with the draw back being that it’s a high chance you’ll only be the Tom Hank’s kid)? You have almost all the opportunities in the world open to you. What do you do?

Well I started writing this and thought, “What did they do?” I focused on Colin Hanks (you know…Tom Hank’s son from “Orange County”), but then I actually had to rewrite this because there was a son I didn’t know about, Chet. Well this how he did it. I told you…it’s hard. All the money, all the opportunity, and still in a big damn shadow.

I want to be clear, I’m not making fun of them. It’s an honest question. What do you do when you’re the son of Tom Hanks?

Music of the day by Chet Haze…not my normal cup o tea, but it suits the message.