It’s April, Fools

I love pranks, but I’ve gotten away from being able to pull them off for some reason. It’s probably due to a lack of time, but for now I thought I would share my most memorable April fools moment.

Well actually there was two. One made me really mad actually. I was in 6th grade and saw that Taco Bell bought the Liberty Bell. I thought the US were the biggest sellouts. April Fools to me.

The other was also played on me, by my parents.

When I was a kid I pretty much never got “dressed” until it was time to go outside and play at like 10am. It was this way until I was probably around 11. I would sit around in my tighty whities, watch the X-men cartoon show, and play BattleToads. My parents hated this. They always yelled at me to go put clothes on, but who wants to do that? Not I!

Around this same time in my life I had just changed schools and started to notice girls. The one I fancied the most actually happen to be friends with a neighbor of mine and they sometimes hung-out. Well  one Saturday I’m down loving life, watching Wolverine get himself into trouble and the doorbell rings. No biggie. The door bell always rings. It’s probably for my sister. Then the next thing I hear is my mom say, “Anthony, yep he’s here and would love to play. Come on in.” Then my mom comes down to the tv room and says, “He’s just in here. Anthony, there is a girl here to see you.” OH NO!!!!!! I’m in my briefs!!!! OH NOOO!

I ran! I booked it. I felt like lightning. I don’t think I’ve ever traversed stairs so quickly. I was like a frightened cat….and all I could hear in my wake was laughing in the background from mom and dad. After that I never left my room without a pair of pants on.

So Happy April Fools Day. I hope your day was better than that day for me.

Daily tune: Animal Collective – Banshee Beat