Letters to Lu: Today You Played

To our sweet, amazing, universe of a person;

Today you played. You’ve been playing since we met you. Your legs would kick, always looking for a ball to toss, test boundaries, climb, swing, jump, run, peekaboo, and interact with the world around you by mimicking what you saw. But today, you played.

It started with these two felt finger puppets you had since your 1yr birthday (nearly a year ago). A blue elephant and a brown monkey with a long tail. Today, you asked for them, we put them on your fingers, and you made them start talking. It was amazing. You started creating your own world.

Then it happened again an hour later. During bath time you stopped doing your typical: fill a cup with water and dump it on your face to see how much you could drink. Instead, you started arranging your Moana characters in specific patterns. You would put them in a row and stand back to see how they looked. Then, you would rearrange and often would pick two of the dolls up and get them to interact with each other. Full conversations between the characters were started

It was a big day for us as your parents to see you take another step on this journey. We hope you are always Lucile (Lu, Lucy, Lulu, Lu-squeal), and we hope you always keep the space to play in your life.

Mom and Dad

Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler