No News Is Good News

I’m just going to say it. Don’t watch the news. It’s awful and it’s just end up freaking people out. The news gets better ratings from scaring people than helping people. And it shows. It’s all really really negative. In fact, just cut cable completely.

I haven’t had cable now for nearly 4 years and I haven’t missed too much. Sometimes, sure, I’m behind on something that happens, but it’s usually for about a day. Yeah that’s right, A DAY. The shows I don’t miss too much either. There are some that I enjoy, but I catch them later on the ole’ internet. The odd thing is that I’ve found I miss commercials. These were the things that let me know what’s coming out and what’s cool. I go to my parents house and I’m fascinated by them. And holy cow do I miss kids toy commercials. They got some neat stuff out there. Like these wrestlers guys! These are awesome.

Short post, but I’m on way to see Chad Valley. Great summer tunes!

Chad Valley – Now That I’m Real