I love science and trying to understand the world around me. I could watch/listen to theories and explanations about how the universe was created, so forth and so on. I love talking to my friends and my family about how cool it is, and eventually it always comes down to what they believe. Then the conversation killer happens, religion. Most of the time the sciency folks come back to say, “How could you be so stupid to think this happens because of this?”…I’m the religious one, a Christian, and I’m the one fighting the uphill battle.

I grew up during the information age and watched science unfold. It was a very very hard step back to being a Christian. And it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Anyway, after listening to all these people talk about how there is no God and science is the key, I started to think…

Say you are no longer a human being and you’re now the numerical value  of 1 or 0. Say your life is now a tiny fragment of a piece of code and as you, the 1 or 0, start to learn about the code around, you start to discover that there is so much more. That certain sequences mean certain things and that there are other components out there functioning in ways you could never imagine and everything seems so expansive. Certain code seems to grow for unknown reasons and then you discover that you’re connected to other systems through API’s….

Isn’t it a bit obtuse of that 1 or 0 to not even think a programmer could be on the other end?