Paft Dunk

Random Access Memories will be release next Tuesday, but you can listen to the full album on iTunes through the preview button:

Search on iTunes DAFT PUNK, then click on Album Random Access Memories and then if u want to listen the full album for free just click on text(link) ”Daft punk” in left top corner then you will get in Daft punk albums preview -> click on album Random Access Memories and there will be in left part somewhere in middle picture of the new album and in this picture there is a button PLAY NOW and you can listen for free full 1h14m34s of this new album… PS sorry for my terrible english

The music for today is up there…in that quote. See it. It’s right there. Do it! It’s one of the only hours of your life you won’t want back. I’m listening to it right now and I’m on track 3: Giorgio by Moroder…so far so great (well I’m a bit biased)

But I’ll share this to get you excited: