People Stock

So I’ve had this idea for the past few months, but I just need to let it out. It’s kind of a “What if?!”, but Whatever.

So I think it would be pretty awesome if people could sell shares or issues bonds on themselves. Confused? I am too. I’ll have to speak in examples to get my point across.

Have you ever met or seen somebody who you knew was just going to do really well in life? He/she just has this way about them that gives you a good vibe. Well I thought it would be sweet if that person could issue stocks or bonds to raise money to help them get to where they need to go. Then, once they make it. They buy it back in the future or pay out dividends. It’s like a loan, but also a way for people to really tell you that they believe in you.

I have a couple of people I would invest in, but not because I think they’ll be rich. Its because they really good at and enjoy what they do. Nobody should loose that because of money.

Maybe its a stupid idea, but I don’t care…its my blog.