We were listening to a This American Life episode called Promised Land on my way to the lake house. It’s one of my favorite episodes and only because David Rakoff does a fantastic job telling stories about himself. If you’re not familiar with the late Mr. Rakoff please take the time learn about him. He’s pretty awesome.

He brought up a great point about a fast that he was participating in that he felt made him feel self-obsessed. It got me to thinking about this blog.

Is it self obsessed to share your thoughts daily or to constantly share what you’re doing? And is it only because it’s public? I’m self-concise about this subject. I work with lots of great people and I find out more and more about each one of them daily, but I’ve told them probably every story and experience I’ve had by the end of their first day. I’m not sure why. It’s a sickness. It drives me nuts about myself. Just a thought and wanted to share….ugh stop sharing Anthony!!