Zohan…What a guy!

This is a non-technical review with no spoilers for “Don’t Mess With Zohan”.

Ok…I have to admit that this was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn’t even know Adam Sandler had a new movie coming out until Thursday when TBS was playing “Mr. Deeds” and advertising the heck out of this movie.

So, a real quick thought on it without trying to spoil it. As far a crazy, goofy, retard Sandler movies go this is probably one of his best ones. “Billy Madison” and “Happy Gilmore” take the cake, but this movie is a little bit deeper. It’s A LITTLE smarter, but still Sandler to a “t”.

In the end I recommend. It would be a fun first date movie or even a good flick for all the friends to get together.

Well if my little review leads you to see the movie I hope you enjoy and learn to make life silky smooth.