A Bird Wants to be a Cat


I was at work the other day and I happen to be sitting by the window. We are on the 4th floor of a building that is in the shape of a U and the window was on the inner part of U. It over looks the other arm of the U and there is a pit at the bottom where another building caps off the open side of the U shape. This is some unnecessary details, but don’t you just feel like you’re there.

While speaking to my coworker I just happen to see something come off the neighboring buildings roof and go down in the pit. It was some kind of a white flash and it distracted me. (I would of made a terrible fish. I would of been caught immediately upon hatching. Shiny Object!!! Gulp.) I was so curious at what I saw. What was it? Was it some kind of animal thing? Was it just a plastic bag? I thought somebody had thrown something, but we’re too high for that. My coworker immediately said, “It’s just a bird.” I said, “Are you sure it was just a bird? It didn’t fall like a bird.” Then she blew my mind.

She said, “Yeah, it was just a bird. It didn’t want to be a bird anymore. It wanted to be a cat. So it jumped.”

I don’t know why, but this absolutely blew my mind. It occurred to me that that would be the ultimate choice. Of course you’re saying, “Duh, haven’t you heard of reincarnation?” Yes! I have, but it’s never occurred to me that it would or even could be a choice. It always seemed like it would be a random type of thing or God making the choice because of the planets needs. For instance, the world needs more manatees and then all of a sudden you’re eating lettuce. It’s probably not like that at all, but either way it was in the casualness of how she said it. “It wanted to a be cat”. My brain felt like it was dipped in Sprite…..cold and refreshing bath of thought.

I hadn’t felt that way in such a long time. Having a new way of looking at life or hearing a fresh perspective. It felt great, as if I had just heard my newest favorite song that wasn’t anything else like I currently listen to.

I asked her how she just came up with that. She said, “I didn’t. My 5 year old says that all the time.” I immediately got excited to have kids.

Metric – Artificial Nocturne

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVnQ5wsIaaA&w=420&h=315]