Well Priced Luxury? Check…

The subject of this post was the subject of my Craigslist posting that I initially started with to sell Professor Xavier the XG350, the 2004 Hyundai XG350L to be exact.

My roll at my job is highly involved in the lean method of creating a startup, which  is essentially the scientific method. You test out one little thing, see if it effects anything, and then move to the next piece. I did this about 5 times on my craigslist post. I got zero bites with the funny headline. It made me chuckle, but laughing doesn’t move metal boy!  I also had the price set at exactly what I wanted for it. After a day or two, I reposted and changed the title to read “2003 Hyundai” and I upped the price by $250. Yeah that’s right, I upped it. I then got 1 serious call and 2 somewhat warm calls. The serious buyer ended up falling through because her dad bought a car for her (based on how excited she was when she found out she was the 1st to call and the 3 follow-up calls, I think she was telling the truth).

Then I realized that I had the year wrong on my car. I corrected and added the model in the subject “2004 Hyundai XG350L”. No calls. Not a one. Not even spam. What the hay? I even raised the price again, for fun. Sill nothing.

I then added more and more information about the location and how to get a-hold of me. Nope.

Then I took the model name out of the title. I changed the price back to the 1st markup and removed some of the location info and kept it very general. Still nope.

Then I received a weird call and the only question the guy asked for was the price. I answered, he hung up. I thought it was rude, but why didn’t he know the price? So, I decided to look at the ad through the eyes of the buyer, but using my mobile phone. Then I noticed a big problem. There was no price. The main one in the title wasn’t coming up and I originally thought it was redundant to have it in the post and the title. Big mistake. I then added the price in the title.

Eight hours later I got the call from the eventual buyer. Did they use a mobile device to look it up? Nope, but I learned a lot about testing out different ways of displaying an ad and what it takes to sell something. I only reposted the add 3 times over 2 weeks and changed the ad a bit a total of 5 times throughout the process. The car was priced at dealer levels and about $800 over what KBB.com says a private sale would go for. In the end I got exactly the price I wanted (not what it was posted at).

So, big fat hi-5 to persistance and the scientific method 😀

Today is actually when it sold, money in hand and I’m a tiny bit sad, kinda, sorta, not at all. Prof. X has moved on to wider lanes to roll, but honestly I was ready to move on. It was a fancy little booger, but fancy isn’t how we roll.

We’ll miss you little Prof. X, but there is a new tiny twerp on it’s way…and I’m so excited! But I’m probably jinxing myself…so shhhhh.

2004 Hyundai XG350L

What song would absolutely tie this post together for the “Song of the Post”?

Something that is my favorite (new car), somewhat hippie (new car), and named after the past (old car).

Xavier Rudd – Messages

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