The Scheckles

There are people in life that fall in line, follow paths, and operate in the medium that stays between the lines.

Then there are people who know how to move through the world where it conforms to them. My good friend is the latter. When we rode bikes down 1st St to smoke cigars in Atlantic Beach, and he brought his speaker on the porch of the place we were hanging at… I said, “Whoa, you brought your own speaker?”

He shared some advice from his mentor that I’m going to screw up here but it was essentially: if you can bring your own vibe to something, not be too rude, and have fun…why wouldn’t you do it?

This guy has given me so much more energy and food for thought in the last year. From our maddening camping trip with our other buddy, to him sharing that the good stuff with your kids is in the bike rides and the time singing/reading to them for bedtime. To him sharing that you should squeeze the joy out of life. During Lucile’s 2nd bday at a trampoline park, he brought his own socks to jump in…and a huge smile. It’s inspiring.

When he started trying to find his new career he went about it by being a “Go-Giver” and I forgot what that was like. There are times that I feel like Robin Williams in ‘Hook’ – and feel like my friend has glimmers of Pockets.

Thank you.

A Wrong View

I have a friend who’s sole purpose to keep everybody on the same level as him…high or low.

This is not a joke. When he is having a crappy time and your day is going well and he is supposed to be helping you do something he becomes an anchor instead of sail.

He prides himself on this fact.

The funny part is he hasn’t figured out that your day can personally change by helping others grow or move easier. I don’t know why, but watching others suceed because I helped makes me feel better 98% of the time…sometimes more than accomplishing my own goals.

So, I say thanks man!…..I now know what I don’t want to be…