Hard Work

I want to work hard….really hard and kick the ever living shit out of something.

Not physically beat something up, but I’m searching for a goal.

I want to feel accomplished, but in something I’m totally uncomfortable in. This means something involving my brain.

Goals that I keep getting distracted from:

  • Learn Spanish – I have Rosetta Stone, but I get bored and distracted
  • Relearn Guitar – I took lessons as a kid and I remember some, but  I busted a string and I just haven’t been to a guitar store yet.
  • Learn the violin – I was given a violin for my birthday this year because I always wanted to play. I’m actually pretty intimidated by it.
  • Masters – I would like to get my Masters. The only thing that’s hold me back from doing this is my lack of interest of what I’m doing. I have a degree in Marketing, but I can’t say that I get HYPED about what I do, but who does.
  • Read a book – I’ve only read a few ever. I was in the habit, but I have fallen out of it and I’ve been stuck on the same book now for almost 3 months. I’m currently on page 30. (update: I changed books and now I’ve almost read half of it in 2 days. What sucks is I really wanted to like the other book.)
  • Go back to school – My friend Karen talked me into looking into going back to school to learn something I enjoy. I looked into this for a few months…I requested information from schools, but nothing ever came and then I was distracted….and here we are

I’m so bored, but I’ve never been so busy in my life. I’m making the most money I’ve ever made. I have more toys than anybody could ask for. I have a group of new friends that all live in the same building as me and we go and party…but there is a big hole