Tales of a PO: Week 6 – Ask for Help

You don’t win friends with salad, and you certainly don’t win friends by taking a really long time to solve problems.

The lesson for this week is to ask for help to get it done. This is especially important when it affects the ones around you. I know simple simple advice, but it’s the simple things in life. I finally accomplished a task tonight that has taken nearly a year. It took 9 months to accept help.

Outside help was brought in about a month or so ago and it was great working with them. There were some troubles though with  equipment failure. I felt bad to continue to ask for help, and because of that, it just drug out instead of just getting it done. Tonight was the end of it…wooo! I felt accomplished for about 5 minutes until I realized how long this whole thing took. Then I thought about the lesson.

Leaders put people in the position to get things done properly and don’t pretend to know everything. Get it done by letting others do what they do best.

The Beatles – Help