Letters to Lu: Accepted and Letting Go

Good morning Lu,

It may not seem like a big deal. But, this morning we got an email that you moved from the waitlist to the “if you want it’s yours list” for early pre-school. My heart reached out and wanted to give you a hug to pull you in close. You’ve been home every day since you were born…just being our fun, smart, wild child.

Today it just got real for me that you are and will grow up. Made me sad and excited all at once.

This also kicked me in the ass to remember that today is the most important. I can’t wait to get out of work to go on a walk and dance in the living room.

Your dad

Music I hope we dance to later: Khruangbin – So We Won’t Forget

Letters to Lu: Today You Played

To our sweet, amazing, universe of a person;

Today you played. You’ve been playing since we met you. Your legs would kick, always looking for a ball to toss, test boundaries, climb, swing, jump, run, peekaboo, and interact with the world around you by mimicking what you saw. But today, you played.

It started with these two felt finger puppets you had since your 1yr birthday (nearly a year ago). A blue elephant and a brown monkey with a long tail. Today, you asked for them, we put them on your fingers, and you made them start talking. It was amazing. You started creating your own world.

Then it happened again an hour later. During bath time you stopped doing your typical: fill a cup with water and dump it on your face to see how much you could drink. Instead, you started arranging your Moana characters in specific patterns. You would put them in a row and stand back to see how they looked. Then, you would rearrange and often would pick two of the dolls up and get them to interact with each other. Full conversations between the characters were started

It was a big day for us as your parents to see you take another step on this journey. We hope you are always Lucile (Lu, Lucy, Lulu, Lu-squeal), and we hope you always keep the space to play in your life.

Mom and Dad

Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler

Letters to Lu: Luca

Dear Lu,

I’m writing this a while after I originally had this thought. It’s probably in my physical notebooks somewhere, but posting here anyway.

Your mom and I were watching Luca. Great little flick about bravery and becoming who you want to be. Whenever I would go to the movies, my favorite part was the escape into the main character’s world. But even more than that was I would try and feel like the main character. When the movie was over I think about how I could overcome a similar challenge the character did or “be brave” or “stand-up for myself” or whatever. Movies make me cry…I think because they push me to think about things I’m scared of and know I need to step into to conquer them. This happens all the time…

Except for ‘Luca’. There was a moment early on in the where Luca’s parents are being very cautious and not wanting Luca to get hurt or get into trouble etc. Then it hit me.

I’m no longer the main character, I’m the worried parent. Now I’m crying for other reasons but mostly because I want you to be the most confident and strong person in the world. And want nothing more for you to be safe and never get hurt. Super weird feelings.

Anyways, love you very much,
Your Dad

The Blaze – Heaven