Quick Hack/Tip: Socket Wrench

Real quick tip that I just figured out and you may already know. Either way, I’m sharing.


While working on my car I sometimes come across certain bolts and nuts that I need to unbolt blindly. Typically, I can figure out a solution for getting off the certain pain in the rear. I usually find, though,  that if it getting it off is hard, then getting it back on is even harder.

If  the space is not visible or  too small to easily screw something on with your hand because the nut constantly gets twisted, turned around, or dropped, use a socket without the driver attached to guide the nut on the post. I know, obvious. Just put the nut inside the socket. Super easy. But that’s not the tip.

Here’s the tip:

I find that many of the threaded posts in  my car are very short. This means that if I put the nut inside the socket, the nut will never reach the tip of the post because it’s sitting at the very bottom of the socket. The socket is too deep. My solution is to shove a punch of paper inside the socket to pad the bottom of it to make the nut sit right at the top of the socket. Then, you screw the nut on using the socket. Easy peasy.

How do you get the paper out? You stick a screw driver through the back hole of the socket and it comes right out the front.

Hillsong United – Avalanche


You’ve Got 20% Power

I no longer bring my laptop charger home with me and I’ve started to leave my computer unplugged longer throughout the day. Why? Because it gives me a only a set amount of power to get stuff down so I better be efficient and I’ve found that I need to get quicker at doing things. You stop wasting time with YouTube when you can see it visually eating your day away.

Unless it’s a music video. There is time for that:

Daft Punk – Doin’ it Right

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