It has Gone from Love to Hate

Weeds: Season 5…..Oh how I hate thee….let me count the ways…

What happened Weeds? We were getting along so well. In the beginning, Season 1, you were so shy and misunderstood. You had a wonderful little story going about a mother who truly loved her husband and cared for her children (but she sold drugs…so she was still a crappy mother). The topsy turvy world of criminals can get out of hand, but things happen.

Season 2 then started. Right were we left off. Like a best friend who left for college and then came back. It was as if the conversation had never stopped.  Everything went very well, and what an ending I might add. Season 2 you are one of the few (rhymes!).

WEEDS (season 4)

Season 3. I was so excited with glee. I had no idea what was in store. How could you top the beloved Season 2! Well in the end my question was answered. You didn’t. It was still fun and lots of the adventures were really quite crazy, but why Nancy…why have you become so… slutty.

Season 4. Curious…I watched because I was curious to see what crap you would get yourself into (period)

Season 5. I was in New York back in May and I saw buses sporting the green spiderweb advertisement with its great catch phrase “Oh what a tangled web we weave”.  I got excited. I was actually really excited. So, I intently watched…and waited…and waited for the show that was once loved to return…., but no more

now I watch TrueBlood…which is following down the same weed ridden path. Who could of thought that a story about Vampires who drink manufactured blood could get too far fetched.

trueblood cmcl

MadMen…please keep true!

(but damn you Don Draper and all your womanizing…your the man…you know, but you still suck!)