Make It Count – Casey Neistat’s Watermark

Casey Neistat, a fantastic filmmaker
, has been inspiring people to choose a life of action and hard work instead of sitting around letting life happen to them.  He inspired the creation of this site, Ant.Cat.  But, the watermark on his videos drives me nuts.

It’s a sweet logo but created from a real signature using a Sharpie. There are light colored artifacts throughout the strokes and show up quite a bit on his videos.

His style of filmmaking is controlled chaos, so he could want the artifacts there.

Either way, I decided to learn Adobe Illustrator and recreate his logo as a vector to remove the artifacts. Casey…if you’re reading this, feel free to use the PNG and AI file below. Keep being awesome!

Casey Neistat Original Logo
Casey Neistat PNG Vector Logo
Casey Neistat PNG Vector Logo

The Adobe Illustrator file if you want it 🙂 

Check out some of Casey’s videos below:

Filmmaking is a Sport:
Amazing edit by Ann Lupo 

And the video that introduced me to Casey.  I consider it one of the best and most inspirational videos I’ve ever watched: