I recently changed the name of my blog…I’m now on version 4.0….that’s right, 4. Here they are in order:

  1. Zoozical
  2. Catknees
  3. Anthony Has Ideas
  4. OkNowWhat

Each name represents a different phase in my life, but I was never really happy with any of them until now. Why? What’s in a name?

What “is” in a name? Who really gives a crap?

I do.

I was very proud of the “Anthony Has Ideas” moniker…because it was given to me.  But, it was given to me…something felt fundamentally wrong about the title “Anthony Has Ideas” and it wasn’t my idea. It was more like “Anthony Rides On the Waves of Others.”  I was really self-conscious about it. I felt like Jimmy from Seinfeld, and  it went against one of my life learnings – if you have to say you’re cool, you’re probably not.

That brings us to the current name.

The other night I introduced my wife to the original “Karate Kid” and the wisdom of Mr. Myagi (Pat Morita).  It’s awesome to re-watch movies that you grew up with. You pick-up meanings and stories within the main plot that weren’t caught originally. In the Karate Kid, there’s a subtle but important point about the origin of Karate, Myagi, and Okinawa.

That’s when I was able to use my super powers and mishear Okinawa as “Ok Now What”. Yes!…that’s it!

It felt right, especially when the following lines came up during the bonsai tree scene.

Mr. Myagi:  “Trust the picture.”
Daniel: “How do I know if my picture is the right one?”
Mr. Myagi: “If it comes from inside you, always right one.”

Then I knew it was right.

Bat For Lashes – Daniel