The world is a weird place…a wonderful, funny and weird place.


About 2 months ago I discovered something I really didn’t want to. I was writing something for work and for some reason I had to use the word “pasting”. It just didn’t look right. It looked like past-ing. Which in my world is the act of dreaming of the days that were. So I did what any person does. I Googled it to see if it would correct me. It didn’t correct me . I won the spelling bee!!! Wooo, but then I stumbled on a definition I wasn’t expecting.

According to Urban Dictionary:

Pasting is the act of putting toothpaste on one’s nipples with the intent of getting lightheaded or high.

Drugs are not my deal. I just don’t get them, especially when it involves household chemicals or needles. I’m not judging those that do use. I’m just curious about that first time it happens, when they think it’s a good idea to inject something…I feel the same for Botox.

I was so curious about pasting though. How was this discovered? Are my children going to have to be 18 to be purchase toothpaste one day? Does it have side-effects?

This was a real problem. Facebook pages and outraged parents against the awful tooth-whitening menace are all over the place. Such a readily accessible drug just feet from your children. What’s your family to do?

As I kept reading, I noticed that all posts where all from early 2012 and that was it.  There are videos, tutorials, forums, and everything you could think of if you wanted to get your paste on, but nothing new. I was so confused. If this was so awesome what happened? Why isn’t this all over the news? I can’t even buy Aleve-D without a pat down, thanks a lot meth.

Then I learned that the whole thing was a prank. It was started by a couple guys who tricked the media into helping spread the craze.

Makes me really think of the line:

If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.

If the media is able to fuel a hoax like this without proof or investigation, what’s to say they get any of the important reporting correct?

Oh media, how I don’t miss you.

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