Swimming or as I Call It, Not Drowning

What gets your brain moving? For me it’s a combination of all the above: reading, writing, researching, running. I bet you already knew that list was coming because you sir/mam are a smarty pants who reads subject lines (the subject was changed at the last minute…so you probably didn’t know this list was coming…if you did…kudos)

I separate research and reading because I’m talking about reading for fun vs. thumbing through Flipboard following-up on what the topic of the day is. The one I’ve lately been neglecting (due to a back injury that I’ll be playing up for a couple more days) is the running. I can tell too. It doesn’t matter how much I read, write, or research I always feel unfulfilled. I always feel like there is something else to read, but when I run…that’s when my brain just lets everything out.

There is something about focusing on a physical hurt or exhausting moment that gives your brain a chance to let go and wander. Maybe its the adrenaline and endorphins. I don’t care either way. It works. It feels great. Not all physical activities do this for me though.

I don’t get the same feeling from swimming. This is probably because I’m not very fast, and what I do is really not swimming at all. I call it not drowning. I didn’t drown for 4 laps this morning and I didn’t get anything accomplished in the ole’ noggin. I did however get a chance to use my goggles, which makes my 10 year old self extremely happy.

I’ve left out writing because it’s a special one for me. Writing is really hard for me because my mind wanders so much that my point is almost lost in the middle of it. My boss actually made a point the other day to say that Twitter is probably a better forum for me…yeah that’s right…I picked up what you were putting down. Honestly though it helps me really cut the crap out of what I’m thinking (if I take the time rewrite it), and it helps me understand where I’m coming from and the story I’m trying to tell. It’s time consuming though and that’s why I went from a post everyday back in March/April to one every so often.

I used to write when I was really struggling in life in late teens/early twenties and it helped tremendously figure things out. It’s embarrassing to go back and read, but I actually transcribed them and hid them somewhere in this blog if you can find them. Until then…here is a pic from those days 🙂 It’s better if you look at this picture and then read it…if you find them.

Fun in Orlando


New Music Today…actually found when I researched “Not Drowning”

Not Drowning, Waving – Sweat

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDww4XAs4wY&w=420&h=315]