A letter to Mr. Swayze

Dear Mr. Swayze,

You will be missed. This may seem like a sarcastic letter, but I assure you it is not. It’s something that I wish I could of handwritten and mailed you, but I waited to long. So, this is the best option I have.

I have loved your movies and the characters you have played since I was kid. One of my only and last memories of my Grandmother was sitting in her lap when i was about 6 years old and watching Dirty Dancing on HBO. She died of lung cancer at about the same age you did. I never really got a chance to know her as much as I would of liked, but I keep those great memories. I think this is one of the reasons I looked up to Johnny. He was a rebel, but he had his morals…and his lady….and that was all he needed. I’ve been known to sing “Had the time of my life” in the shower, but more importantly this was played as the final song at my wedding a few years ago that everyone danced to. It’s my favorite and always will be.


I sang “I’m Henry the 8th I am” countless times to try and get my way….I credit that move to you Sam Wheat (Ghost)

While playing the movie game with friends I reference Bohdi from Point Break in almost every round of play.

Donnie Darko…wow! what a movie. Jim Cunningham creeped me out, but that was the point.

But….the best of all your films by far, Roadhouse. Sure it was a little cheesy, but there isn’t a weekend that goes by that I flip through the channels hoping to stumble across this. There were many a Saturday that I watched Roadhouse in the afternoon and then went to go work as the “bouncer/door guy” at the club I work at.

My favorite characters of yours stood for all the same things (except Donnie Darko). Honor, self worth, strength, staying positive, standing up for what is right and the ability to kick your leg really high. I can’t kick my leg high, but I don’t really try to. I do however try and stay true to all the other lessons learned taught by you over the years.

Once again Mr. Swayze. You’ll be missed very much.

Patrick Swayze and Anthony Catanese


Anthony Catanese