Ok so it ended Weird

My last post on 12/18 talked about my sweet little 1990 Geo Prizm….which was a rad car.

Well that night some moron drove through my front yard and smashed the side of it. Luckily the guy came back and I able to file insurance. They totaled the vehicle, but didn’t give me as much as I paid just 3 months prior.

On the last day of the year I picked up an even sweeter ride. A 1999 Oldsmobile Delta 88 with only 28k miles on it….OH YEA! Fully loaded, tinted windows, Bench Seats…I can roll with homies now and you can’t beat it

So even though the year started looking miserable with having to ride a motorcycle in the cold…i ended up ridin out in the grandpa mobile, but it’s still pretty sweet

This years trip is to Bogota, Colombia and Cartagena…all planned for March…It’s where Jessie, the girl i have been dating the past few months is from I even switched from learning German on Rosetta Stone to Spanish …hope it works out.