Notebook Aug. 2022 to Dec. 2023

Past notebook –

Emotional notebook for sure. There was a lot of pushing to read. To get better at doing my job, at being a good dad, and being a good human. This time in our life we were settling in our new church and community, which we adore. We were learning how to work with each other with a toddler and just navigate life. Here are the memory bullets:

  • Workouts – stepped the game a ton and got into a rhythm – hit all my goals with the 40yr old push of 60days straight making the biggest impact
  • We outsourced the food to Kathy’s table, big win!
  • Finally, finished High Impact Management
    • Quick notes: Cut holes in the box to measure, Treat People Well, Take it Seriously
    • Get better: Good managers don’t talk about their problems but know how to help others share theirs with them
  • Disney began! September 2022, parents 40th we did pseudo Disney….slippery slope for sure
  • Read “Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir – #Remember to care for the people who love you
  • Hurricane Ian – our first as a full family and a first for Lu
  • Listened to “What it takes to become a top 1% PM”
    • Communicate – Be direct, avoid weasel words
    • Prioritize – Super Power
    • Execute – More than just the green light
  • Read “The Best Question Ever” by Andy Stanley
    • “What is the wise thing to do?” This allows us to not live life at or above the speed limit but focus on what’s the best way to get there
    • 2nd phase “Based on plans for the future…what is the wise thing to do?”
    • Consistency is the key. Cumulative value. It’s making long lasting change vs big spurts of energy “There is no cumulative value to the urgent thing that we allow to interfere with the important things”
    • Finance – You’re rich “Should I afford it”
  • The Pop-Up Bar 🙂
  • Jan. ’23Finally bought a Jeep!!! ’97 TJ, the best!
  • Feb. ’23 – Lu 33.7″ 24lbs … what a little string-bean
  • Lots of writings for cards – not posting here but they’re there in the notebook
  • Promoted to Director of Product! Didn’t seem like a big change but holy smokes May – current has been hard!
  • Reading (didn’t finish) “The Creative Act” by Rick Rubin – Kathryn gave this to me and we were going to read it together. That didn’t happen for lots of reasons but glad to have it and thoughtfulness of it
    • : : Be Aware – You are the instrument and every is trying to make a tune.
    • : : Look for what you notice but no one sees. Practice noticing – practice is not the goal though
  • July ’23 – toughest work call I’ve ever been apart of. You learn a lot about who you are in rough times. Reflecting on this call, there was nothing in the moment that would have saved this situation, but I should have been more present before my teammate was put/got us into this situation
  • August ’23 – You finally started after being accepted – You’re so excited but so sad. Spaceships, friends, so much sickness. It’s a transition for all of us, especially momma bear.
  • Read “Home Game” by Michael Lewis – the stories that stick out to me were the overnight camping at the zoo, the movie theater with toddler night – only parents allowed with kids < than 2yrs old, and the RSV Story where you really bond when you go through hardship
  • Sept. ’23 – Little did I know the RSV story was about to be real for us too – a longer post on the way, but nearly a week in the hospital with a blood infection….what a shit time.

This set shared by my scrum master Alex Brancav

Notebook Aug. 2021 to Aug. 2022

I’ve tried so hard to move away from using a physical notebook for work and personal writing, but there’s something so magical about just putting pen to paper. I hit 1 year at my job which was the start of a notebook. The way I’ve been writing these is that work starts on the front and my personal writing starts from the back. Eventually, they meet in the middle. But how do I make sure they’re not just locked in a drawer never to be found…maybe I retype everything :0

Instead of transferring everything into a digital format. This is a summary of what I covered:

  • Bass guitar with Ben and writing music
  • Why writing is important to me – and how I see more of my dad in my life
  • Reading and notes: Pyramid of Success – John Wooden
  • Reading and notes: Ready Player Two (
  • Skillpath Training:
  • Scratch sheets for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mothers Day
  • My thoughts on the movie Luca – I really want to dive into this one before I lose it
  • Reading and notes: High Impact Management
  • Reading and notes: Continuous Discovery
  • Winning at Insurance!!! Not Winning but just not getting as screwed as I thought.
  • Big feelings…all is ok.

Can NOT get over this set by the Blaze… so good