Goodbye to Zoozical. Hello to CatKnees

The expiration for has come up and I’ve decided not to renew it. I’ve decided to go ahead and finish the site that I’ve wanted to do now for quite some time. CatKnees is play on my last name and once again I must credit Ms. Karen Kurycki with helping name it. She has also started a pretty sweet site where she creates some pretty crazy water-color images (she says it best as: An illustrated collection of absurd/funny/silly statements overheard…kind of like “Kids Say the Darndest Things” for adults):

Zoozical had it’s place, but CatKnees is where it’s now at (well not yet, but soon)

Have a good day 🙂

OH…quick stats for while I remember:

Zoozical: May 2008- February 2011
Overall views: 19,433
Most Searched Items: Daft Punk, Aladdin, Cartagena


Well my domain is up for renewal. Should I? I can always keep my wordpress account so my site would now be It’s like $40 and does anybody read it…surprisingly there is actually a couple, but oddly they are all Aladdin fans. My post from back in October has been kicking booty….so again…Aladdin is the man.

Ok so should I renew…i’m going to put that nifty poll thing up…see what happens
[polldaddy poll=1364368]