Too many ideas…

Writing everyday is pretty hard for me, but for a different reason than you think. Every thought in my head and every instance seems that it could be a post. All day I’m like OOOO that would be good or OHHHH that’s witty. That made yesterday even harder for me. I missed a post, but that’s because I just ran out of time. I took my pretty lady on a date, got home, and fell asleep.  It was awesome and I don’t give a crap about missing a post. Today though I wanted to make sure I had something good. I must of had 15 ideas. The problem is I can’t remember them. At all.

I receive what I conceive to be “wonderful ideas” all day long, but also thoughts that I want to share. Today I experienced a moment and immediately thought of a post called “Get the F* Over  Yourselves”. It goes something like this…in life there is a time when you have a chance to make a difference and a chance to make money. Not very often do those two instances come together. When they do come together, I believe it’s time to get the f* over yourself because for one thing….no matter how good you are you’re not the best and if you are the best, you won’t be for long. If you have been selected to make a difference; take it, love it, roll on it like a dog with a dead animal. Be it!!! Don’t reject the people who are building you. Take the opportunity and Roll.  SO SO frustrating.

EDIT: (Clarification) This is not pertaining to any certain group or person. This pertains to all things in life. To be honest this applies mostly to myself. No matter how great I think I am I know I need to roll with something 1000% because that’s who I am and my ego needs to get the hell out of the way. So this was not a passive way to tell somebody off, but a way to remind myself of how not to be.

My other idea was for taking an app we’re working on and making it easier for my friends down the street to see that I’m grabbing a beer and totally want to hang. It’s in the works so don’t build it. I kill you if you do!!

So that’s that…

Here is the music I promised. This song makes me want to just give my wife the biggest hug. It could be the Stella talking, but she is seriously the most wonderful thing ever.

[youtube] EVER!