Notebook Aug. 2021 to Aug. 2022

I’ve tried so hard to move away from using a physical notebook for work and personal writing, but there’s something so magical about just putting pen to paper. I hit 1 year at my job which was the start of a notebook. The way I’ve been writing these is that work starts on the front and my personal writing starts from the back. Eventually, they meet in the middle. But how do I make sure they’re not just locked in a drawer never to be found…maybe I retype everything :0

Instead of transferring everything into a digital format. This is a summary of what I covered:

  • Bass guitar with Ben and writing music
  • Why writing is important to me – and how I see more of my dad in my life
  • Reading and notes: Pyramid of Success – John Wooden
  • Reading and notes: Ready Player Two (
  • Skillpath Training:
  • Scratch sheets for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mothers Day
  • My thoughts on the movie Luca – I really want to dive into this one before I lose it
  • Reading and notes: High Impact Management
  • Reading and notes: Continuous Discovery
  • Winning at Insurance!!! Not Winning but just not getting as screwed as I thought.
  • Big feelings…all is ok.

Can NOT get over this set by the Blaze… so good